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Indulge in Regal Luxury

This luxurious five-star resort boasts an idyllic setting on the pristine golden sands, with breathtaking views of the vibrant coral reefs nestled in the mesmerizing azure waters of the Red Sea. Its proximity to the captivating shipwrecks in the nearby Straits of Tiran further enhances its allure.
Be it a milestone celebration, such as an anniversary or honeymoon, organising an unforgettable family getaway, or simply seeking a serene escape from life’s hustle and bustle, Pickalbatros Royal Moderna Resort offers the quintessential destination catering to people of all ages and varied interests.

Restaurants & Bars

Nestled in the enchanting Sharm El Sheikh, Pickalbatros Royal Moderna Resort is a culinary paradise, featuring an impressive array of 8 exquisite restaurants and 10 chic bars.
Guests can indulge in a delectable journey through diverse gastronomic experiences, savoring a variety of sumptuous cuisines from around the world. Unwind and luxuriate in the resort’s vibrant bars, offering an eclectic mix of expertly crafted cocktails and enticing beverages to suit every discerning palate. At Pickalbatros Royal Moderna Resort, one can expect an unparalleled sensory adventure, expertly fulfilling every gastronomic desire.