Memberships Rules

1- General Rules
  1. Members have access to all special prices/rates, conditions and advantages at Luxio Collection Website;
  2. Membership is available to all qualifying individuals 18 years of age and over;
  3. Members are required to show their membership at anytime when asked from one of our agent/partner;
  4. Membership Cards are non-transferrable and can only be used by the named cardholders;
  5. Member promise to not conduct any fraudulent business or activity;
  6. All Members must to be ethical and responsible when dealing with Luxio Collection and its partners public image;
  7. We expect members not to abuse their members benefits;
  8. Events are not refundable and as well the dates booked, but you can exchange your tickets with other members (name change).
  9. Luxio Collection reserves the right to take action against Members who fail to follow its code of conduct.
2- Cards and Fees
  1. Membership fee is for one year period, from the date of enrollment and is included of all taxes;
  2. Classic Card is for 1 Adult  Traveller only (+18 Years Old);
  3. Premium Card is for 2 Adults  Traveller only (+18 Years Old). The cardholder can choose its companion guest at anytime;
  4. All adults, prior reservations, must to be a Member;
  5. The primary member is responsible for the reservations made for any additional guests. In case the guests are not members of the program, will be applied a surcharge for the extra membership (Classic Membership for each extra guest);
  6. Renewal must to be completed for all cardholders at the expiration day (grace period is for three days);
  7. If your previous membership has expired, you shall no longer receive the benefits of the program until full payment has been made.