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Natural grace of Halkidiki

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort fuses the alluring natural grace of Halkidiki with the dazzling beauty of novel architecture. It is stretched amphitheatrically across 13,6 hectares on a lovely hill slope right next to the sea. Established on a natural hot spring groundwater and laid on a beach, it has the natural advantage, the facilities and the infrastructure to host every wish, dream and deed.It is a beach resort with deluxe rooms and suites overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is located in Halkidiki, Greece; 110km from SKG Thessaloniki airport. Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort combines the alluring natural beauty of Halkidiki with the dazzle of innovative modern architecture, creating a world-class destination made for fans of fitness and wellbeing. The resort’s location and design offer an exceptional standpoint from where one can admire the wonderful horizon all the way to Mount Athos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The astonishing view extends to the glorious pine forests of Halkidiki and the superyachts of Marina Miraggio.

It is a beach resort with deluxe rooms and suites overlooking the Aegean Sea, some of which with heated private pool. Guests appreciating true luxury, full privacy and high-class service should look into Miraggio Club, the most private part of the resort offering exclusive benefits. With signature design by award-winning architect Aspasia Taka and featuring sustainable materials, bespoke furniture and stylish fabrics, the spacious and fully equipped rooms have heated private pools and an undisrupted sea view over the marina.