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Becoming a Luxio Collection Ambassador means sharing your travel experiences, through our events, experiences and Hotel Partners, to all the people you meet, both online and in everyday life. Visit the hotels to test them (quality and service), preview new destinations and participate in some experiences and activities that Luxio Collection organises.

To enroll* and propose yourself as an Ambassador, you must first be a Luxio Collection member (there is no better way to demonstrate your willingness to become an ambassador). However, there is no guarantee to become an Ambassador (we use multiple factors to choose them, such as popularity, seriousness in their work and reference markets).

*We prioritise proposals to our members. Proposals and requests for collaboration from non-members will not be taken into consideration.

Real Benefits for Real Travelers

More than just a booking!

Be a member, be smart!

The membership program “Luxio Collection” is an absolutely unique platform of its kind. As a tourist operator for 12 years in the international market, we have wanted to create this platform to offer our “travelers”, hotels and tours at unbeatable prices, eliminating all the excessive costs that inevitably fall on the customer and sometimes even on the property, in order to encourage clients to travel more, having much lower travel costs while getting the same quality of service.

In detail here is what it means for the customer to be a member:
– Real hotel/resorts rates (without additional costs) through our partners in 19 countries (growing);
– On-Demand services at destination managed by our Business Partner;
– Travel benefits such as restaurants, cafés, discos, shops, personal services, excursions, tours, events (etc …) with which the customer can benefit at destination;
– Special Events on a quarterly basis in our rolling destinations to expand our community.