This Is My Palace – Titanic Mardan Palace

Antalya June 23-30, 2021
Are you obsessed with luxury? Do you think you have seen everything, absolutely everything, around the world? Wait to discover the Titanic Mardan Palace! A unique experience for lovers of extreme luxury and the deepest culture of class and style. A “masterpiece” palace designed to satisfy the most refined palates and for all those who can’t get enough! “THIS IS MY PALACE” is an exceptional event to discover this eighth wonder of the world with all it has to offer. An experience like only Luxio brand can make you try, with a series of events to make your discovery even more exceptional! A 5-day journey to get to know one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey and all its wonders.A week to have fun with our parties and as always a connection with Fashion, Music and the final Grand Gala where you can show off your most chic dress!

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This Is My Palace 2021 is over and we are already preparing for the next one. Do you have any advice on the next destination? Follow us on @luxiocollection and you can help us in choosing the next location!

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If you’re an avid frequenter of luxury hotels, you’ll know that we’re all about inspiring you to live your best and most luxurious life, in whatever way that means to you. Many people think luxury and wealth are one and the same. The truth, however, is that luxury is very much personal, and one traveler’s idea of luxury will be completely different to another’s. To challenge your idea of luxury, we’ve carefully curated a special event for our bloggers and influencers (up to 60 coming from different countries) to both inspire and stimulate your creativity, and perhaps by the end of it, you may start to think about luxury a little differently, while discovering the Titanic Mardan Palace!

Titanic Mardan Palace

Titanic Mardan Palace welcomes you to Turkey’s famed Riviera with 5-star sophistication, award-winning service and a picture-perfect location. You’ll find our luxury all-inclusive hotel in Antalya, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea; acres of sparkling, lagoon-style pools extend to a private sandy beach, while splendid resort architecture reflects some of Istanbul’s most noteworthy points of interest. From the stately Dolmabahçe Lobby, with its palatial design and striking glass ceiling, to the sumptuous and meticulously appointed accommodation, everything here is crafted to delight and inspire. Our palace all-inclusive dining concept encompasses over 30 acclaimed restaurants, bar and lounges ; leisure activities include a KLAFS-designed spa, Tini Kids Club, sports and entertainment programs and a nearby championship golf course.

The Program
  • 26th June – Copacabana Summer Party
  • 27th June – Luxury Boat Party
  • 28th June – City Excursion (Waterfalls, Old City, Grand Bazaar)
  • 29th June – Fashion Show & Grand Gala Dinner